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spring machine

Revolutionary 10 axes spring & wire forming machines that allow spring manufacturers to massively produce a variety of springs with high speed and accuracy!

Feature Highlights

Special camless design equipped with Vinston's free arm technology that enables our series of spring machines to easily produce all kinds of difficult springs that is 30% or more efficient than traditional cam type spring former.
Windows based operating system.
Servo driven free arm technology that allows a forming blade to move freely on an X-Y plane.
Advanced attachments such as rotary wire, spinner, and the x-y free arm can be optionally equipped to the machine.
Intuitive graphics user interface is based on Windows and its crash free characteristic is due to the employment of a bulletproof software engineering methodology. This makes learning and configuring highly complex springs a simple task.
Commonly use in the industries of :wire forms, entertainment and fitness systems.

MODEL CMM-10-250
Wire Dia. 0.15-2.5 mm
Max. Wire Feed 10000.00mm
Min. Wire Feed 0.01mm
Max. Wire Feed Speed 100m/ min
Max. Wire Feed Length Unlimited
Number Of Axes 10
Production Speed 0-180/ min
Power 8000W
Voltage 380V
Software Industrial Grade Computer
Program Storage 2000
Air Compresser System Air pressure 5-6KG/cm
Pin 3
Dimensions DEPTH 770mm
Width 1670mm
Hight 1750mm
Machine Weight 1500KG