• China's construction machinery business won in Mun

    April 19-25 on the 29th Munich, Germany, BMW (bauma) International Engineering Machinery Exhibition held as scheduled. Although the volcanic eruptions in Iceland led to the European routes consecutive days off, there is still a large number of professionals from around the world view of development. After the lift's first trip aboard Flight 22, fle ……
    >>More  Date:2014-03-19

  • How to Protect the Surface of the Springs

    How to protect the surface of the spring? Spring surface is generally treated as black (blue), phosphate, electroplating, spray and so on.
    In recent years, there was zinc chromate film DACROMET and it has protective layer with excellent corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance coatings 7-10 times, not the presence of hydrogen embrittlement plati ……
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  • Springs applied among industries

    Compression spring are widely used computer, electron, home appliances, camera, instrument, motorcycle, automobile, railway, electric power station, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, elevator and other industry.
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