CMM-10-236 CNC Multi-Axes Spring Former Machine

CMM-10-236 Spring Machine
Special camless design equipped with Vinston’s free arm technolgy that enables our series of spring machines to easily produce all kinds of difficult springs that is 30% or more efficient than traditional cam type spring former.

Feature Highlights:
● Windows based operating system.
● Advance attachments such as rotary wire, spinner, and the x-y free arm can be optionally equipped to the machine.
● Intuitive graphics user interface is based on Windows and its crash free
● Characteristic is due to the employment of a bullet proof software engineering methodology. This makes learning and configuring highly complex springs a simple task.
● Commonly use in the industries of: automobile, wire forms, entertainment and fitness.

Features Of Spring Machine Pattern Of Spring Machine

Specifications and parameters:
MODEL CMM-10-236
Wire Dia. 0.15-2.3mm
Max. Wire Feed 10000.00mm
Min. Wire Feed 0.01mm
Max. Wire Feed Speed 100m / min
Max. Wire Feed Length Unlimited
Number Of Axes 10
Power 10000W
Voltage 380V
Software Industrial Grade Computer
Program Storage 2000
Air Compresser System Air pressure 5-6KG/cm
Pin 3
Dimensions Depth 1240mm
Width 1280mm
Height 1730mm
Machine Weight 930KG