Vinston Automation specializes in manufacturing advanced computerized multi-axes spring and wire formation machines. We have setup a distribution network in various locations in China, U.S., HongKong, Thailand, etc.

Our machines are designed and integrated with advanced technologies by top engineers from the U.S. Our products are highly competitive in terms of quality , ease of use, reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Our demand for quality has earned us great reputation; we have rapidly expanded a large customer base , which include the U.S., China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Russia, etc.

CMM-12-680R Spring Machine 2.0-6.0mm Wire Dia. CMM-6-800R Wire Bender Machine 3.0-8.0mm Wire Dia.
CMM-12-450R Spring Machine 1.2-4.5mm Wire Dia. CMM-12-420R Spring Machine 1.2-4.0mm Wire Dia.
CMM-10-400 Spring Machine 1.2-4.0mm Wire Dia. CMM-12-236R Spring Machine 0.4-2.5mm Wire Dia.
CMM-10-236 Spring Machine 0.15-2.3mm Wire Dia. Wire Decoiler  200-1000 Kg

We have manufacturing base of over 10,000 square meters. Machines parts are being produced by most advanced imported machineries. We have employed over 100 professional mechanical manufacturing crews to ensure the quality of our product.

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